So Thankful


I don't know about you kids, but I feel so lucky to have all that I have and to live this beautiful life. Even with everything that's been happening in the world right now, there is so much beauty in every day that sometimes I think I might burst.

To put it simply, this life is pretty darn awesome. 

There are a gazillion things that I'm grateful for, and this list barely scrapes the surface. Nevertheless, in honor of Thanksgiving, here's my little list for which I'm constantly thankful: 

- The fam. All of 'em. 
- My ridiculous, wonderful, loving, selfless, hilarious friends. 
- Bicycles.
- Those moments we can set aside our phones and enjoy each other's company.
- Impromptu dance parties. 
- The Denver Bicycle Cafe. For reminding me that working at a cafe doesn't have to suck - and in fact, it can be pretty darn rad. Case in point, this
- Lazy mornings when you can sleep in then watch back-to-back episodes of Bob's Burgers. 
- Sweet and passionate kisses.
- Extra large hot water heaters. 
- When a song hits me at the very time I need to hear those words. 
- The moment I finish reading an amazing book. 

Yep, that was a good one!! 

Yep, that was a good one!! 

- Safety pins.
- Really big hugs. 
- Helpful neighbors. 
- Snow boots.
- Thoughtful gifts. 
- People who really listen. 
- People embracing (and sharing) their talents. 
- Days off. 
- Really delicious coffee. 

I made this one myself! 

I made this one myself! 

- Shared meals. 
- Puppies. 
- Shoes I can stand in for hours that don't hurt my feet.
- Police officers, firemen and women, emergency room doctors, nurses, and anyone else working their butt off during the holidays. 
- Home.
- All of my friend's beautiful little babies that were born this year. 
- Live music. 
- Earplugs. 
- Laughter that makes me forget anything bad ever happened.
- Hope. 
- Movie nights. 
- Jokes that land at the perfect moment. 
- Park naps on warm summer days. 

There's so much more that I could put on this list, but for right now that'll do just fine!

Most of all, I'm thankful every day that I have so many wonderful people (like you) in my life.

Yes, there are terrible, awful things that happen in this world - but let's gather, eat a bunch of food with the people we love, and focus on the good stuff. 

Wishing you and your families all a wonderful and beautiful Thanksgiving!