Don't rain on my parade!

With the changes that have been going on in my life lately, everyone has been incredibly supportive. I feel so lucky and blessed to have people that have reached out saying "I've been there" and "I totally get it!" and "THIS IS SO AWESOME!" - you know who you are, and you guys ROCK. 

It's so nice to have reassurance when you make the decision to transition into a new chapter of life. But not everybody gets that from their loved ones, and no matter how much those gut feelings are tugging them in a different direction the voices that surround them speak louder. They fill them with doubt, and eventually talk them out of it. 

To those people I say: Stand strong! Yes, it's easier said than done. And yes, your friends may be giving some sound advice that really makes sense to you. But do not let them rain on your parade! If you're making a decision that you know is right - that is a way to better yourself, your situation, and that will lead you closer to true happiness - you have to stand your ground. You have to trust that even though those people may think your decision is wrong or irresponsible or stupid that it's not their life. It's yours. And if they truly are good friends, they will love and support you no matter what happens. 

Any opportunity I have for Barbra Streisand to argue a point, I'm going to take it. 

"Don't tell me not to fly
I simply got to
If someone takes a spill
It's me and not you!
Who told you
You're allowed to rain on my parade?
I gotta fly once
I gotta try once
Only can die once, right, sir
Oh, life is juicy, juicy and you see
I gotta have my bite, sir!"

Hells yeah, Barbra!! 

It is still important to ask yourself questions about any change your making, such as: 

Will this change the lives of the people around me in a positive way? 
Will my financial situation be stable, at least while I'm figuring everything out? 
Am I doing this for myself, or for someone else? 
Is this a path towards happiness? 
Am I being respectful to others while transitioning into this new life? 

There is a lot to think about with any movement towards growth. If you're anything like me, you already have apprehension swimming in your head. Any little pieces of doubt that your friends may voice, you've probably already thought of it and worried about it. Getting a reminder spoken out loud can shake your confidence, and make you question your path. 

But always remember: this is YOUR PATH. Yes, these people are a part of your journey, but ultimately this life is yours. How do you want to spend it?