No car? No problem!

As some of you already know, towards the end of last year, my Hyundai Santa Fe was rear-ended by a distracted driver and totaled. With the money I got for the car, I purchased a Volkswagon GTI that I absolutely loved. Even after all the repairs and quirks, I loved driving that little car. 

But alas, this world of distracted drivers screwed me all over again! 

Last month, a driver pulled out the wrong way down a one-way street and hit my GTI head-on. We were both totally fine, but yet again, my car was totaled. 

Therefore, in an effort to continue to live more minimally, and to see what it's like to go without things in order to better understand what I truly need, I've decided to go without a car!

Yes, I know winter is almost upon us. Colorado winters, although with more sunshine than the Ohio winters of my youth, can still be pretty brutal. I didn't say it would be easy. But as I learned when I went without a coffeemaker, and then Netflix, it could be something that will benefit me in unexpected ways. 

I also used some of the money I got from my car to buy this: 


It's a Yuba Cargo Bike, and it can carry up to 400 POUNDS on the back. I doubt I'll be riding around with a small rhinoceros anytime soon, but it's good to know what this super bike is capable of. The wheels are thicker and better with water and slush than my road bike, I'll be riding more upright which is more comfortable when wearing a winter coat, and it's SUCH A PRETTY COLOR RED! Apparently, this is considered the SUV of the bike world, so it should be able to handle the weather pretty well. Now I'm wondering if I will be able to do the same!

Usually the moment I see snow falling, I retire my bike for the winter. Now, I'll have no choice but to bundle up and start pedaling. Well, I could also walk, take the bus, an Uber, or a Car 2 Go. I'm certainly not without my options. The question is this: Do I really NEED my own car? 

Sure it gave me freedom, and the ability to get anywhere at anytime. I'll miss those things. This will definitely be a challenge for me, and I'm sure will be frustrating at times, especially at first. Even just getting down to my parent's house for a visit (with a car, a short 40-minute drive away) will not be easy.  

But do you know what else was difficult and frustrating at first? Not drinking alcohol for a year. And look how much I've learned! 

So goodbye, car! Winter - BRING IT ON.