Giving Thanks

I feel so lucky to have all that I have, and to live this beautiful life. Even with all the craziness at times, there is so much beauty in every day that sometimes I think I might burst. To put it simply, this life's pretty darn awesome. 

There are so many things that I'm grateful for, and this barely scrapes the surface. Nevertheless, here's my fun little list of things that I'm giving thanks for today:

- My parents, George and Kate.
- My sisters, Amber and Taryn. 
- My friends, and extended family.
- Bicycles. 
- Helmets. 
- Long and revealing conversations. 
- Those moments we can set aside our phones and enjoy each other's company.
- Sympathy. 
- Dance parties. 
- My wonderful, silly, fantastic co-workers.
- Lazy mornings. 
- Really delicious coffee. 
- Gravy.
- Sweet lingering kisses. 
- Warm blankets. 
- When a song hits me at the very time I need to hear those words. 
- The moment I finish reading an amazing book. 
- Supplements. 
- When a hug says it all. 
- Large hot water heaters. 
- Helpful neighbors. 
- Coconut oil. 
- Snow boots.
- Thoughtful gestures. 
- People who really listen. 
- People embracing (and sharing) their talents. 
- People who can put aside their own pain to help another. 
- Days off. 
- Shared meals. 
- Puppies. 
- Shoes I can stand in for hours that don't hurt my feet.
- Police officers, firemen and women, emergency room doctors, nurses, and anyone else working their butt off during the holidays. 
- Cookies. ALL THE COOKIES. 
- Home.
- All of my friend's beautiful little babies that were born this year. 
- Spotify.
- Laughter that makes me forget anything bad ever happened.
- Romance.
- Moisturizer. 
- Hope. 
- Movie nights. 
- Perfect comedic timing. 
- Brakes. 
- Zero degree sleeping bags. 
- Park naps on warm summer days. 

There's so much more that I could put on this list, but for right now that'll do just fine! I'm thankful every day that I have so many wonderful people (like you) in my life. Yes, there are terrible, awful things that happen in this world - but today, let's focus on the good stuff. 

Wishing you and your families all a wonderful and beautiful Thanksgiving!