A New Year | Remembering

Well, I'm 2-weeks into the New Year (2016), and yep, I've been drinking again! 

No, I haven't thrown everything I learned last year out the window! But I have been enjoying some of my old favorite alcoholic beverages. I've found that I've been able to be a little more responsible when drinking - well, as much as you can be when you're inebriated. I usually stop before I have too many, I'm always sure to drink a lot of water throughout the night, and I have been very adamant about saying NO to shots. Always, always, say "no" to shots. 

A nice new part about coming back to booze is that I don't feel the desire to drink as often as I used to. I can come home and not even think about having alcohol, even though I could if I wanted to. I don't NEED it in order to wind down at the end of the day, and I so far I don't feel that craving. Even though I've started it up again, I've still been able to maintain that feeling of freedom. 

On another note, here's something I've been thinking about lately: 

How we remember things.

My friend Sienna and I were driving home from work today, and we started talking about memories. We discussed how interesting it is that we don't just remember a situation or person - we can recall smells, feelings, tastes, and so much more. There is such depth that our brains can retain from the experiences we've had in our lives. 

I was thinking about my Grandma Ann that passed away a couple of years ago. I remember the most random things about spending time with her as a child. The ugly shag carpet in her home that was spotted beige, brown, and orange - and the way that it always had a musty-sweet smell. The old records we'd dance around to in her living room. Her making us grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread with Velveeta cheese and tons of butter. Warm summer nights catching lightning bugs in her backyard. Sitting on her back porch with a bowl full of green beans in each of our laps, and snapping off the ends. Playing with an old wooden rocking horse in her basement because there was nothing else to play with. Being frightened of the spider webs that were in her sewing room. The way that she would laugh, even if she didn't get the joke. Those strange mincemeat pies she'd make at Christmastime. How she always smelled like baby powder, which she put on every morning after her shower. Her letting us wear all of her jewelry, including her clip-on earrings (she'd never had her ears pierced). How soft she was when she hugged us and rocked us in her lap when we cried. 

Not the best photo, but one of my favorite memories. We took her to Pawley's Island in South Carolina! Me, grandma, and my mom.

Not the best photo, but one of my favorite memories. We took her to Pawley's Island in South Carolina! Me, grandma, and my mom.

We all collect these little moments in our heads, and it takes opening the door to really remember them again. We store away so much, as it's not necessary in our daily lives to access that information every day. Therefore I think it's important to sit down and wander around in those rooms where we store these kinds of memories. Remembering the people that we loved in our lives is a way that they can live on forever. 

So today, my first post of 2016, is for my Grandma Ann. I'm sure she's giggling in heaven right now, especially now that she finally gets all the jokes.