Colorado Homecoming

Well, gang - I made it back to Colorado!

I left Portland last week with a lot of tears, and a heart full of love and joy. One night, when I was crying to Jake about how sad I was to leave, he said something very poignant:

“Isn't it better that you're sad about leaving? That means you've made some amazing friendships and connections. I think it's wonderful that you're sad to go. That means you made the most of it.”

Well, ain’t he just a smarty-pants?

When Amber & I left just before dawn (after tearful hugs with Emily & CJ - love you guys!), we made our way through the Columbia River Gorge just as the sun was coming up. It was stunning. It was like Oregon was saying goodbye to me.

(Yes, I understand how ridiculous that sounds. The sun rises every morning, Beth! It just felt pretty special, is my point.)

It looked something like this. No, I did not take this photo. But @ddimick on Instagram did.

It looked something like this. No, I did not take this photo. But @ddimick on Instagram did.

Amber and I made it until about 2-hours outside of Salt Lake City before we both broke down in tears. We didn’t realize how much our lives would change living together as adults, and this whole experience was more amazing than either of us could have imagined.

And when I say “tears” I mean big-fat-ugly-crying. It was awful. And wonderful. ALL THE FEELS!



Salt Lake City is a pretty darn gorgeous place, and although Jake got in wayyyyy later than expected (1:30am - what a trooper!), we started off for our second leg of the trip bright and early. Amber flew back to Portland, and we’ve talked every day since. Thank GOODNESS.

The second half of our journey was a little more adventurous than the first, but luckily I had the calmest dude on the planet as my co-pilot.

First, I thought I’d left my wallet in the bathroom of Little America in Wyoming.

I mean, if you’re going to lose a wallet isn’t that the best place to do so? We took a 20-minute detour and after much frantic searching (and a helpful cleaning lady who insisted to pray by my side as we looked), I double-checked my purse and realized I had my wallet the entire time.


After continuing on for a few hours, we heard a “thunk” from where my two bikes were expertly attached to the back of my Ford Focus.

(By “expertly” I mean “sort-of” and by “attached” I mean “as secure as I felt like putting in the effort for.”)

When we pulled over to check on them, we noticed that both bikes had slid down and were dangling on the back, their tires about 4” from the ground. The last of the restraints had broken (after sitting outside on the back of my car through 2 Portland winters).

Whoops again.

After about 15 minutes of grunt-filled re-rigging, a storm started to roll in and pelt us with the first drops of icy cold rain. We realized we had to get this done quickly, and by golly, we did. At least well enough to get us to Colorado!

Gosh darnit, we’re cute. Barf.

Gosh darnit, we’re cute. Barf.

I’m finally unloaded now, and getting settled in to this new life. I miss my friends in Portland dearly (yes, already), and at the same time I’m so excited to see all of my friends in Denver. My social calendar is quickly filling up and that’s exactly how I like it!

More updates to come about:

  • What it has been like living with my parents. (There are tissue boxes EVERYWHERE. I’m not kidding. Every. Single. Room.)

  • How my debt payoff is going. (Spoiler: I already reached my first goal. Hooray for not paying rent!!)

  • Reflections on life and junk. (You know how I roll.)