Great copy is the basis of any great website. It is what introduces people to your company and expresses your passion to the world. I have over five years of experience in writing and editing and a background in creative marketing. With my imagination and talent I create unique content that will not only provide a voice for your business, but keep your clients and customers interested in hearing more. Click here for my writing examples. 

Beth is a wonderful resource! I contracted Beth to assist our team with an internal project cleaning of up our outdated Case Studies and Client Overviews. My team has been preoccupied with client work for quite a while, and we kept putting it off. Utilizing a freelance writer was a perfect solution. Beth organized our mass of documentation, and finessed old copy and statements of work to craft new, concise drafts for my team to use as sales-critical work. And aside from being amazingly quick and responsive, she integrated her workflow with ours in our Project Management tools — this was so helpful!! I look forward to working with Beth on our next rounds of projects!
— Kristin E., Director of Operations at Subtext
Beth provided exactly what I wanted, plus more! She is so amazing, and I am excited to work on future content projects with her.
— Alisha H., Founder of Milky Moon
Beth is an invaluable writer, and her ability to compose fun yet professional copy has been a huge help in finding our brand’s voice and personality. I am consistently in awe of her writing. She is remarkably talented in this field, and I feel lucky that we found her!
— David H., CEO of Clove & Twine

Design + Photography

We live in a visual world! The best complement to any website, social media post, or advertisement is high quality design. With over ten years of experience in design and photography, I will create the inspiring and memorable images for your brand. Click here for my portfolio

My Blog

It's amazing how much can change within a year. This is the basis of my blog, my company, and my life. So many of us believe that change is difficult, and we fear getting outside of the comfort zone we have built around ourselves. The truth is that a combination of small steps and determination is what can move us forward to achieve change, and ultimately find happiness. I explore these ideas and many others in my blog!